A PB!!

I ache.....  but in a good way!  Since Monday’s recovery run the week has seen 5 miles on Wednesday, broken into an intervals session of: 10mins warm up easy run 2min fast, 1min recovery jog – repeated 9 times (I think!) Easy run back to home I was really pleased with the average pace so... Continue Reading →

What does Parkrun mean to you?

7 seconds – just seven seconds off my Parkrun PB this weekend !  But it was a good run and I’m glad that I’m getting close. Hopefully that means that I am building fitness. I have recently met a Parkrun tourist, who has been running a few times over the last few months at my... Continue Reading →

One step…..

So, I’m a little bit in limbo with my running and have decided to write this as a way of forming my thoughts into hopefully a little bit of a more cohesive thread!  Read the about me page to catch up with my running story so far and to see how I’ve got to this... Continue Reading →

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