A PB!!

I ache…..  but in a good way!  Since Monday’s recovery run the week has seen 5 miles on Wednesday, broken into an intervals session of:

  • 10mins warm up easy run
  • 2min fast, 1min recovery jog – repeated 9 times (I think!)
  • Easy run back to home

I was really pleased with the average pace so put this one down as a good session.

Thursday was the long run of the week so did a loop from home of 7.64miles at an easy pace.  Enjoyed it, but could feel the interval session of the day before still in my legs.

Do you adjust your training sessions according to how you feel on the day, or do you stick rigidly to a plan?  I tend to stick to a plan, but I think it is because I’m worried that if I give myself a ‘get out clause’ then I’ll always take the easy option….

Saturday is Parkrun day in our house J  so off we went.  I often get to the start line not really knowing how I’m going to run – am I just going for a gentle run round; am I going to really push…..  Well, as I set off and got going at quite a quick pace I decided I’d push this week!  I was rewarded with a PB by 5 seconds – Happy girl!  It was a warm run, the breeze cooling us down in places, but very warm.

So today we are back to recovery run.  Need it this week as my back / hip is aching – more from digging in the garden than running I think, but need to get moving and then some stretches to try and ease it a bit.


What does Parkrun mean to you?

7 seconds – just seven seconds off my Parkrun PB this weekend !  But it was a good run and I’m glad that I’m getting close. Hopefully that means that I am building fitness.

I have recently met a Parkrun tourist, who has been running a few times over the last few months at my home Parkrun – speaking to her and to another parkrunner who experienced Sewerby for the first time, I was really interested to hear the perceived differences between the different runs.  And I don’t mean whether they are hilly or flat, laps or one loop, paths or grass.  I mean the atmosphere, the friendliness and the support from other runners.

I’m pretty sure the size of your Parkrun makes a big difference – ours is still pretty small compared to some.  But that helps with a really nice atmosphere – where everyone supports everyone else.  At the end of each run you will hear congratulations and comments of support swapped between the fastest and the slowest runners.  The effort of all is congratulated and encouraged.  It is sad to hear that not all venues seem to have quite this same attitude – or at least not for all participants.

So, the beginning of a new week, yesterday’s extra eating for father’s day still weighing us down, it was time to head out for a run.  Monday’s are recovery runs for me, so 4.3 miles without thinking much about my pace, just going out to enjoy.  So I plugged in the headphones, called the dogs and off we went.  Had a lovely run, one that really confirms my enjoyment in doing this 🙂

Now I’m looking for a gps watch – one that I can download split times on to see how my pace is developing.  Favourite so far is looking like the Garmin Forerunner 15 – fairly basic, but also fairly cheap !  Hopefully it will be a good watch for me to start with.

One step…..

So, I’m a little bit in limbo with my running and have decided to write this as a way of forming my thoughts into hopefully a little bit of a more cohesive thread!  Read the about me page to catch up with my running story so far and to see how I’ve got to this point.

So where am I now?

I’ve just completed my fourth 10k race – the Jane Tomlinson Hull 10k.  Loved it!  But why did I run it?  Well for me it is a personal challenge – I wanted to push myself.  Added to that that this race is raising money for cancer charities gives an extra reason to choose this one.  It was also the first race that my other half has EVER run.   He used to run a little bit – a couple of miles a few times a week, but then stopped.  At the end of last year he decided that he would give it a go again and has done so well.  On Valentine’s Day he came to Parkrun with me (such romantics aren’t we 😉 ) and hasn’t looked back.  He’s been pleasantly surprised by how social it is and seen that there are new friends to be made.

Hull JT10k

My PB for 10k was 55:08 – I’m not fast, but not the slowest either.  This PB was set way back in 2012, my first year of running.  Two 10ks since and I’ve not been close to beating it.  But over that last six months I’ve managed to lose a bit of weight, have been running 3 or 4 times a week and have brought my 5k times down and managed to beat the PB I set at parkrun in 2012.  I’d decided to set a target time of 54:00 for Hull 10k – thought that was realistic.  I was organised (just the type of person I am!) with a pace band so I knew what time I needed to be at each km marker.    Well we beat the time every single km and smashed the time, finishing in 52:09 !

What was I happy about – that although I was faster than the target pace I’d set, we were consistent, we didn’t slow down, but kept up a good pace the whole way, and speeding up for the last 2km.  I can’t give you accurate splits as I don’t have a GPS watch (yet!) – I just use a very basic stopwatch to time myself.

So where to go from here…..

We’ve just entered two more races, both 10ks, one in July, one in August.  Both of these are trail races so that should be a bit of a change from road all the time.  I’ve decided today that I need to make a bit of a training plan to stick to.  I’ve got four full weeks to train – it will be my first fully trail race and it is the first one that I have done which is two laps.

Oh and by the way – I’ve never had a coaching session, I don’t belong to a club, but I am a reader and a planner 🙂