A PB!!

I ache…..  but in a good way!  Since Monday’s recovery run the week has seen 5 miles on Wednesday, broken into an intervals session of:

  • 10mins warm up easy run
  • 2min fast, 1min recovery jog – repeated 9 times (I think!)
  • Easy run back to home

I was really pleased with the average pace so put this one down as a good session.

Thursday was the long run of the week so did a loop from home of 7.64miles at an easy pace.  Enjoyed it, but could feel the interval session of the day before still in my legs.

Do you adjust your training sessions according to how you feel on the day, or do you stick rigidly to a plan?  I tend to stick to a plan, but I think it is because I’m worried that if I give myself a ‘get out clause’ then I’ll always take the easy option….

Saturday is Parkrun day in our house J  so off we went.  I often get to the start line not really knowing how I’m going to run – am I just going for a gentle run round; am I going to really push…..  Well, as I set off and got going at quite a quick pace I decided I’d push this week!  I was rewarded with a PB by 5 seconds – Happy girl!  It was a warm run, the breeze cooling us down in places, but very warm.

So today we are back to recovery run.  Need it this week as my back / hip is aching – more from digging in the garden than running I think, but need to get moving and then some stretches to try and ease it a bit.


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