Back on form

I'm pleased to say that I'm feeling a bit more myself this week 🙂 Last week I did my longest run in quite a while of 10.5 miles – and felt really comfortable doing it.  Was a gorgeous morning and I saw a couple of hares and a stoat, along with the usual birds that... Continue Reading →

Highs and Lows

How much does what other things are going on in your life affect your running? I enjoyed my first stint of marhalling at parkrun on Saturday.  I’m not the most confident person when it comes to friendship and new groups, but definitely think that volunteering can help make you feel a little bit more like... Continue Reading →

My quickest mile!

So yesterdays run ended up not going to plan – my intended route was cut short due to an unfriendly dog, ended up walking for half a mile with another dog walker and then running again.  So........  I decided to drop the dogs at home after 3.5 miles running, and go out for another 2... Continue Reading →

I’ve lost it!

I’ve lost my training plan!!  (Which means I’m going to have to root through lots of paperwork to find it)...... I haven’t got round to doing it on the computer yet, it was a good old-fashioned written one, which means I don’t have a copy.  Pretty sure it hasn’t been thrown out and it will... Continue Reading →

I’ve entered!!

I’ve finally bitten the bullet and entered a half marathon.  Logically it seems daft that I’m nervous, scared, terrified of doing this – I’ve run the distance in training.  But I think it is just lack of confidence – and race day is very different to running on my own from home!  But it isn’t... Continue Reading →

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