I’ve entered!!

I’ve finally bitten the bullet and entered a half marathon.  Logically it seems daft that I’m nervous, scared, terrified of doing this – I’ve run the distance in training.  But I think it is just lack of confidence – and race day is very different to running on my own from home!  But it isn’t till October, so I have plenty of time to train for it – I’m looking at training plans at the moment, probably going for the Lucozade half marathon training plan – but modified slightly to incorporate Parkrun each week and the other two races I’ve entered.

As the half that I’ve entered does have some hills in it, I really need to do some hill training – for the first time ever!  I’ve got a bit of time off from the day job this week so one day I am going to go out and find some hills to run up (and hopefully some downhill too!).  This morning’s easy run of 5 miles felt really hard, the legs were like lead and for some reason I feel like I have bruised ribs…..  Don’t know what the problem was but hopefully it will pass very quickly.  I did stop to say hello to these inquisitive creatures through (pleased to say there was a gate between us!).


All the talk for the last week or so seems to be how to cope running in the heat and what are the best shorts to wear!  I will admit that I don’t mind the heat, so I’m quite enjoying having the sun shining and getting a bit of a tan whilst running.


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