I’ve lost it!

I’ve lost my training plan!!  (Which means I’m going to have to root through lots of paperwork to find it)……

I haven’t got round to doing it on the computer yet, it was a good old-fashioned written one, which means I don’t have a copy.  Pretty sure it hasn’t been thrown out and it will have just been collected up with other papers, but it will annoy me until I find it.

Managed some hill training sessions this week;  Wednesday saw a long run of 8.5 miles down an old railway line, with an added loop with a big hill and Friday was a 4 mile run on a short route with a hill up into a village and then down the other side – repeated twice.  Both sessions felt like hard work so I am definitely going to have to do more of these before the half marathon.  You can see some pics of the railway line on this blog, it is a lovely place to run.  I was pleased with my Parkrun time though of just one second slower than my PB when my legs still felt a little achy from Fridays run.   Maybe the gorgeous bowl of pasta I ate at Ask restaurant on Friday night helped with Parkrun!!  Today is very much a rest day following one too many glasses of wine and a late night…..

How do you record your runs?

I tend to use mapmyrun and therunningbug bugmiles feature, but am getting a little bit frustrated that I can’t easily see stats that I want (I like figures!!) – so I think I’m going to put together a spreadsheet to log them myself.

Right….. I will find this training plan…….


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