My quickest mile!


So yesterdays run ended up not going to plan – my intended route was cut short due to an unfriendly dog, ended up walking for half a mile with another dog walker and then running again.  So……..  I decided to drop the dogs at home after 3.5 miles running, and go out for another 2 miles.  As I was warmed up I set off and thought I’d see just how fast I could do one mile.  My average pace for my 5k PB is 8:10 mins per mile and I was hoping to come in just under 8 mins.

7:31 min mile !!!!!

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was struggling to get to a 9 min mile, so this is unbelievable for me – just shows that the training is maybe paying off for me at long last.

Oh, and I found my training plan eventually 😉


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