Back on form

I’m pleased to say that I’m feeling a bit more myself this week 🙂

Last week I did my longest run in quite a while of 10.5 miles – and felt really comfortable doing it.  Was a gorgeous morning and I saw a couple of hares and a stoat, along with the usual birds that I try to spot.  Think I was ready for a head clearing long run – just that time on your own without a child asking you for something, or the phone ringing, or emails pinging…..  This was one of the very few little hills on my route and where I saw the stoat.


So Saturday morning and parkrun.  I’m often not sure how I’m going to run it until I’ve actually set off, and nothing was different this week – not helped by the fact that my earphones fell out before I’d even gone 20 metres (I tried to put them back in then gave up and tucked them in my bra!).  It was a sunny morning, but windy; my least favourite weather condition, particularly when running on a cliff top.  But I seemed to have got a good start so went for it.  I am pleased to report a PB – just 4 seconds quicker, but a PB all the same!

After a really busy weekend I was shattered, so didn’t run yesterday.  I should have done!  Today the rain was heavy, but I set out anyway and did 4.3 miles – at one point the path was like a stream, so I just splashed my way through 🙂


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