An odd week

Well it has been an odd week or two.....  school holidays always make the routine fall apart and add to that being really busy at work and the plan doesn’t go to plan! I’ve had my first visit to a sports physio – nothing dramatically wrong, but I’ve been experiencing tightness and a bit of... Continue Reading →

Escrick 10k race report…….

Pleased to say it was a good one!  We were lucky enough to have a glorious sunny day for this race, which had dried out the route pretty well after a lot of rain a few days previously.  The race start and finish is on the village green and even my teenager commented on what... Continue Reading →

Phew, what a week it has been!

Well we managed our 10 miles last Wednesday – 10.7 to be exact.  It was slow, but we were comfortable and chatted the whole way round.  Tried wine gums as a mid run boost but although wine gums are yummy it didn't work – both of us had sticky, horrible mouths, and as we hadn't... Continue Reading →

I’ve ordered it!

So how has the last week gone........  well after my wet splashy run I had just a short steady run on Wednesday followed by a fab 11.28 mile run on Thursday.  I ran for 8.5 miles with my OH then picked the dogs up and went out for a few more miles – was really... Continue Reading →

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