I’ve ordered it!

So how has the last week gone……..  well after my wet splashy run I had just a short steady run on Wednesday followed by a fab 11.28 mile run on Thursday.  I ran for 8.5 miles with my OH then picked the dogs up and went out for a few more miles – was really pleased that I managed it, and at an OK pace for me, but my hips were sore by the end so I definitely need to work on my endurance and strength training.

Exciting news….!!!!!  I’ve finally ordered a Garmin

I’ve gone for the FR220 – and I’m really looking forward to having a play with it – mainly to be able to monitor my pace, and look at my splits for parkrun to see where I’m losing time.

Today as soon as my OH comes home from work we are heading out to do 10 miles. He has a bit of a mental block about being able to do this distance (he’s done 9.6 miles before) so today is all about building up my strength and building up his confidence.

We’ve also entered the College Canter 7mile race at Bishop Burton College in September – looking forward to this although it will be a challenge!

Today’s run will also take me to just over 500 miles so far this year – this is massive for me, the most I’ve run in a year before now is just under 560 – so it looks like I’m going to be way over that this year!


Anyone else juggling the summer holidays and children whilst still getting out to run?

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