Phew, what a week it has been!

Well we managed our 10 miles last Wednesday – 10.7 to be exact.  It was slow, but we were comfortable and chatted the whole way round.  Tried wine gums as a mid run boost but although wine gums are yummy it didn’t work – both of us had sticky, horrible mouths, and as we hadn’t taken a drink with us nothing to wash it away with 😦

We’d made the decision to swap our long run from Thursday to Wednesday as I’ve been still feeling the long run in my legs when it comes to parkrun on a Saturday.    I did a steady 5k on Friday morning then went into parkrun feeling fresh.  As usual didn’t know how I was going to run it – didn’t get the best of starts and was held up a bit in the bottleneck at the beginning (the route goes through a gate), but………  I got a PB!!!!  25:07 !  A mention in the run report where I was referred to as an ‘athlete’ (there is a first time for everything!) and the possibility of a sub 25 becoming more realistic.

A couple of pints and a takeaway were the reward 🙂

garminThis week I’ve just done a couple of 5ks – playing with the Garmin that arrived on Monday (am loving being able to analyse my splits !) and trying to save my legs for Escrick 10k on Sunday.  I’m getting a little bit of ache in my right calf, but on the inside – think it might be the tibialis posterior (from googling!), so I’ve been icing after each run and doing specific stretches.

I’ve been reading this week about the girl who has sent an open letter to the guy that heckled her when she was out running.  I think it is so sad that people can’t be more supportive of each other, or at least remember the phrase ‘if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’.  I’m lucky that I’ve never really been heckled – the odd horn toot / gesture, but that is about it.  Might have something to do with the fact that I run on country roads and don’t see that many people though!

Which leads on to the question that was asked on running forum a while ago – do you acknowledge other runners / cyclists / walkers when you are out?  I think the answer to this will depend on where you run – in a city, people probably don’t; in the countryside, most people do.  I moved to my current village eighteen months ago and people know me as the ‘one that runs with the two dogs’ and it is a really good way of starting a conversation.

Have you been heckled before?  and do you say hello or wave to others when you are out running?


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