Escrick 10k race report…….

Pleased to say it was a good one!  We were lucky enough to have a glorious sunny day for this race, which had dried out the route pretty well after a lot of rain a few days previously.  The race start and finish is on the village green and even my teenager commented on what a picturesque place it was.  After the usual dash for the loo and sorting out my OH’s number (apparently he was registered as a female on the entry, whoops!) we all congregated ready for the pre race briefing and the start.  This was my first race wearing my Garmin so I had worked out what I needed my average pace to be, however this didn’t go to plan, I went out far too fast (trying to keep up with my other half) then slowed down too much and struggled to get my pace back!


The route goes out of the village and onto gravel tracks before entering the woodland where you take various turns spending a good couple of miles in the wood before emerging back onto the gravel tracks and heading to the village.  I found the gravel really hard work, but enjoyed the course.

The supporters were fab!  The finish route was lined with people all cheering and clapping and what was nice was that the last finishers got the biggest cheers 🙂  I did this run two years ago, but enjoyed the atmosphere more this time – Why?  I think because I know more runners now, so we met up afterwards for a chat and to cheer in the later finishers.  Just shows that running doesn’t have to be a solitary activity.

The result……..  a PB by a few seconds – 52:00


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