An odd week

Well it has been an odd week or two…..  school holidays always make the routine fall apart and add to that being really busy at work and the plan doesn’t go to plan!

I’ve had my first visit to a sports physio – nothing dramatically wrong, but I’ve been experiencing tightness and a bit of soreness in my right leg / calf / ankle / foot, so thought I’d go and get checked out before things got worse.  Pleased to say that the physio was happy with my movement but my hamstrings are very tight.  I’ve got lots of stretches that I need to do several times a day (must start doing them!).Chester Cathedral

I spent most of last week in Chester with my family – first visit to the area and have to say we were very impressed.  We stayed at The Coach House Inn, which was perfect for us – right in the centre, just near the cathedral and the food was excellent (diet starts now!).  The roof tour of the cathedral was worth going on and just walking round the city walls and along the streets with all the old buildings kept us entertained.  We spent a full day at Chester Zoo, not cheap to get in, but worth it I think.  We were there for seven hours, with just a brief stop for lunch and another for ice cream!

The Coach House InnSo now it is Bank Holiday Monday (raining) and I need to get a grip on the running plan !  I’ll be running Tuesday, Thursday, Parkrun on Saturday and may add in another run somewhere else if I can.  Week after will be four runs, including Parkrun – which will be Sewerby Parkrun’s 200th run (and the week after will be my 50th run !


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