Done, but not enjoyed!

Well that run goes down as one done, but not enjoyed!

We went out last night to do the long run of the week, my OH and I – three miles with the dogs and then dropped them off and drove a couple of minutes down the road to do a loop of just over 8 miles.  My OH’s knee was bothering him, meaning that we went at a very steady pace and even then he had to stop and walk a few times.  It was getting pretty dark by the end of the run – definitely can tell the change in the nights now – we both had bright t-shirts on, but I think it is time to dig out the lights and reflective gear for early morning and evening runs.

We called in at the pub whose car park we had used for a quick drink before going home – so I just had a small lime and lemonade.  Drove home, rang for child to come home and then it started……   I just felt so sick.  I’ve occasionally had a little bit of nausea after a particularly hard run, but normally that is sorted with a drink and a bit to eat, but I just couldn’t shake it last night.  Conclusion was losing that lime and lemonade down the loo!  I actually felt much better once I’d been sick and emptied my stomach, but couldn’t face anything apart from a little bit of dry bread to eat until this morning.

As a result I’m feeling particularly drained today – I’ve had a good breakfast and lunch, but am struggling to concentrate at work and just want to curl up and go to sleep!

So, in the future, I really do need to make sure I’ve cooled down properly before I try to drink (or eat) as my body obviously doesn’t like it.  Also, I don’t really like evening running much at all – far prefer to be out first thing in the morning therefore I’ll try and schedule my long runs for the morning from now on.

Looking at my training diary, I did a 10 mile run on Sunday, so just three days prior to this long run – although I didn’t find the run itself hard last night, I do think that that isn’t enough time between long runs.  I had also run 11 days out of 13, so maybe this is my body’s way of saying I need to look after it more.  Must try and plan the diary better!

I’m having a rest day today, might have a short run tomorrow depending on how I feel, then parkrun Saturday (my 50th Parkrun!), Sunday is going to be a rest day too.


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