The challenge that I set myself earlier this year I have achieved J  This was a personal challenge – one that for some reason I felt I needed to do.  I’m told that I’m quite a motivated person (doesn’t always feel that way to me!) and that I can be quite hard on myself.  I’m... Continue Reading →

Mental or physical?

Reading a blog post by crazy running girl got me thinking – do I run for mental or physical benefits, or both, does one outweigh the other....... ??? The answer is I don’t know which one takes precedence. I definitely run to feel fitter and healthier (and eat more cake and drink more wine!), but... Continue Reading →

Runs, sickness and sunshine!

And the last long run is done! With just less than two weeks to go I have completed my last long run before my first half marathon.  Yesterday morning I headed out nice and early to do a circular route of 13.1 miles.  I didn’t have a planned pace, just wanted to go and run... Continue Reading →

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