Runs, sickness and sunshine!

And the last long run is done!20151001_084710

With just less than two weeks to go I have completed my last long run before my first half marathon.  Yesterday morning I headed out nice and early to do a circular route of 13.1 miles.  I didn’t have a planned pace, just wanted to go and run and feel comfortable the whole way and be able to complete it.  Within two miles my little toe was rubbing and despite stopping to adjust my socks it didn’t help and I have ended up with a blister – if anyone can recommend seamless socks I’d be very interested!

My route took me round several villages including a few small hills and I was generally very comfortable (apart from the toe!) and very surprisingly I completed in 2:01:39.  I was really, really pleased with this as I’d had in mind that it would take me around about 2:15:00 to complete.  This has given me a little bit more confidence for the half marathon – although I think I’ll be a bit slower as there are quite a few hills!20151001_084717

But….. once again after the run I was ill.  I’d parked at my partners work, so after walking for five minutes to cool down I popped into the office for a glass of water, chatted for a bit and walked around a bit more to ensure I was fully cooled down.  Jumped in the car and had to go to the supermarket for a few bits – drove the 15 mins home and sorted a few things out there.  THEN I had something to eat (a packet of crisps, I was craving the salt!).  Felt fine, had a shower and it all started to go wrong.  Started to feel ill so had half an hour sat down to feel better – thought I was OK so got up to get a banana and I was suddenly sick in a spectacular fashion!

Once I’d been sick I felt much, much better, and before long managed that banana (followed by soup, followed by chocolate, followed by crisps…..!!).  I have asked the question of other runners, and the general consensus is that I just need to wait even longer before eating, and then try something other than solids – yoghurt being a great suggestion.  I have been to the doc’s this morning (for something totally unrelated) so asked him what he thought – pretty much just listen to my body and wait for longer before eating.  I’m not particularly worried, it is just annoying.  If anyone has any suggestions I’d be interested to hear them.



Looking back on September’s training:

  • I ran 22 times
  • 9 miles
  • 4 hours

This is the first time that I’ve gone over 100 miles in a month; quite a significant milestone for me.  Let’s hope it pays off!


I took these photos on a run a few days ago – it was the most gorgeous morning and it makes me very much appreciate the beautiful countryside of the East Riding of Yorkshire that I’m lucky to live in.  The mornings have been cooler, but the days have soon warmed up and we’ve had a week or two of great weather.  It makes me feel alive when running on mornings like this, gives me such a lift.

(apologies for the quality of this last picture – I think my phone lens had steamed up! – the shadows of me and my two dogs 🙂 )



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