Still grieving

Still grieving.  Don’t know if this ever comes to an end, but I’m definitely still on the journey.  Not just grieving for loved ones lost, but for the loss of my marriage, for the loss of babies, for the loss of what could have been. This seems a strange thing to say when I’m in... Continue Reading →

So I did it !

I’ve joined a running club.  First time I’ve ever joined a club (quite sad really).  The first run I joined was a head torch run – which meant I needed to go and buy a head torch.  I’m pretty sure that this torch will be well used so worth getting, but it got me thinking... Continue Reading →

So am I recovered?

It’s already November, not quite sure how that happened!  It has been a couple of weeks since the half marathon (that I still can’t quite believe I’ve done). I waited until the Thursday before heading out for a short run, and have been out quite a few times since, but not for very long runs. ... Continue Reading →

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