So I did it !

I’ve joined a running club.  First time I’ve ever joined a club (quite sad really).  The first run I joined was a head torch run – which meant I needed to go and buy a head torch.  I’m pretty sure that this torch will be well used so worth getting, but it got me thinking about running kit and what do you actually need.

(that is need, not want 😉 )

So did I buy anything just to start running?


  • I already had a sports bra (essential kit for horse riding!)
  • I used a pair of walking trainers that I already had
  • I dressed in yoga pants type trousers and a normal t-shirt, add a fleece jumper and I was ready to go

I think the first thing I bought was a cheap watch that had stopwatch function from Amazon for £4.  That combined with the mapmyrun website to map the route was perfectly adequate for a long time.

Do I have lots of gear now?  YES!!  Practicality first – I was fed up of trying to get kit washed and dried for the next time I wanted it (particularly hard if I was running consecutive days), so I made sure I had two complete sets of kit.  After that I try to stop myself buying more, but seem to have a fair amount – the race t-shirts add to it too!

And I’m always looking for more !!!  (why is that??!)Santa list

One girl at running club had a fab reflective gilet on (think it was a Nike one), and I thought one of those or similar would be good – but then I could do with a really lightweight waterproof (or would I not bother wearing it?).  Now it is getting colder, I’m looking at my colder weather gear – I have a couple of thin long sleeve tops that I don’t really like and a parkrun jumper that I love (but they unfortunately don’t sell anymore)……..

And of course there is Christmas coming up,  do I need to add running items to my list ?!

So, what is your essential bit of kit and what is your favourite bit of kit?


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  1. Kit is something I have just posted about. I’m fairly new to running and feel like I need a few bits n bobs with winter and dark nights coming. With everyone asking what to get me for Christmas, I thought now was a good time to start looking too!
    I’ll be watching this space for further comments to get some ideas!


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