A milestone!!

This journey began several years ago, trying to run just one mile.  Last night’s 5.5 mile club run took me to this:

800 miles
802.9 miles in 2015 !!!


This is the most miles I’ve ever run in a year (by well over 200) and over the last month I feel like I’ve not really done that much either.

Now compared to some I know that this is probably not many miles at all.  But I also know that for others they will look at this and think they’ll never be able to do that many (I know that is how I would have felt a few years ago).  At the end of the year I will have a look back to see what I’ve done, but I didn’t want to let this milestone slip by without shouting about it 🙂

It still amazes me that I can run at all, never mind that I’ve run that many miles in a single year.  I often struggle to praise myself, don’t accept compliments very well at all – would certainly not say that I was a good runner.  (My partner gets very frustrated with this – it affects all aspects of my life, not just running.  I just don’t believe I’m good enough).  But…….  even I can see that I have achieved something with my running this year.


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