It was a good one…

So yesterday’s run was a good one 🙂

OH had the day off work, so I had company for a change.  Now I do enjoy my solo runs, but it is nice to have company occasionally.

I generally set the pace when we are out together – running on footpaths means we can’t run side by side, so one of us has to be in front.  I’d wanted a fairly quick, but sustainable pace and had planned around 5 miles.  I’ve found some runs recently really hard work – even the shorter ones – since the half marathon, and am just starting to feel like it is coming back together again.

As we had the dogs with us there was the odd stop for them – including a paddle where I ended up with very wet feet! I love this slightly more relaxed run sometimes – great to see the dogs having fun, and having a bit of a laugh ourselves.

Dogs having fun

The run was about 5.2 miles in just short of 45 mins – slightly quicker than I’d hoped for.  Very happy with that.


Tonight I have planned a 5k tempo run with running club.  Rain is forecast so it might be a bit of a damp one – best make sure I’ve put contact lenses in as running in the rain in glasses is not good.


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