how far has running brought me in 2015

2015 round up – how far have I come…..

I started the year hoping for a quieter year, but by February was facing my Dad’s diagnosis of cancer and all of the treatment and appointments that this entails.  I am lucky to have a very supportive partner who has helped me through all of this but without my running I’m not sure where I’d be.

My running stats for 2015:

  • Miles: 851.64 miles
  • Time Spent: 5 days, 11 hours, 51 mins, 57 secs
  • Number of runs: 190
  • Races: 5
  • Parkruns: 43

I am so, so pleased with this – I can’t believe just how much I have done.  This is my fourth year of running and the most miles ever (by way over 200 miles).


A few runs stand out for different reasons.

14th February – the first parkrun that OH came with me for a long, long time (and only his 3rd run).  He has now done 40 parkruns, several races and has totally got the bug.

17th March – a training run of just over 13.1 miles.  2 miles further than I’d ever run before – and the day of a hospital appointment with my dad.  I was emotional, terrified of what the doctors were going to say, tired from lack of sleep – but determined, stubborn and pushing myself to cope with everything else.  I cried as I ran, I walked a few stretches, felt like quitting.  But with a couple of miles to go rang my Oh and asked him ‘to give me a verbal kick up the arse!’ (after asking if I was OK and did I need picking up) he give me the kick and I managed to finish.  It helped me deal with the rest of the day.

18th October – Bridlington Half Marathon – my first half, and something I didn’t think I was capable of.

I’m ending 2015 with lots more running gear (these sales are just too tempting – I’ll be showing some of my new purchases soon); with a dad just about to turn 70, who is currently cancer free; a house we are making a home, happier than I’ve ever been; a member of a running club!

My last run of the year was at sunrise today – a beautiful clear day.  Just over 3 miles and we saw a barn owl and four deer.  This morning is exactly why I like to run outside first thing in the day! (I wasn’t quick enough to get a pic of any wildlife though).

So what has running brought me……?  this year it is a sense of personal satisfaction and achievement that I never thought I’d have and many, many new friends.  Joining in more at parkrun has been wonderful and having my OH and son joining me too just makes it all the better.

This post has been about looking back over the year, I’ll save the thoughts on the year to come for another post.

Happy New Year everyone !!


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