Some long, some short

Pleased to say the mojo remains 🙂 The last week or so has been a good running overall.  Managed a nice 8.5 mile long slow run last weekend accompanied by my OH – although it was 30 secs a mile quicker that the 9 miler the week before, so not that slow!   Club run this... Continue Reading →

Finding my mojo!

Well the beginning of the year has been a bit of a battle with the old motivation !  all the rain we've had doesn’t tempt me outside particularly.  But in the last few days we've finally had the cold, frosty but sunny, clear sky days that I absolutely love. The beginning of the year has... Continue Reading →

It has begun!

Well 2016 is here, already nearly a week in.  As per usual I’ve been busy and not really had chance to stop and think, but plans are being formed. In the early hours of new year’s day I entered a race........  the half marathon that I wasn’t sure that I was going to do this... Continue Reading →

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