Some long, some short

Pleased to say the mojo remains 🙂

My running pals

The last week or so has been a good running overall.  Managed a nice 8.5 mile long slow run last weekend accompanied by my OH – although it was 30 secs a mile quicker that the 9 miler the week before, so not that slow!   Club run this week was the normal winter route which is 5.5 miles (shorter if you cut out some of the loops, longer if you do extra loops!), I chose to go with the faster group again but to be honest, even when I set off I wasn’t sure how I was going to run it – Does anyone else feel like this?!  We seemed to pick up the pace and in the second mile I wondered if I’d be able to keep it up for the whole run (I had visions of falling flat on my face….), but push on we did and I finished with an average pace of 8:45 / mile.

I was really pleased with this, as it shows I’m getting some speed back, but this is still a long way off my 10k pb pace of 8.22 / mile.  I think the extra weight I’m carrying really needs to come off…..  I have been good since my last post – still having some treats, but cutting down the snacking dramatically.  I’ve also got back to meal planning, which I find makes every day easier as I don’t have to make the decision on what to cook! And it is easier to shop when you have the plan in front of you.

When I was heading off to club it got me thinking why I find running with others more of a challenge commitment wise than running on my own.  Is it because I feel I have to go, rather than want to go (but no one is forcing me, and I’d definitely be running whether it is with a club or on my own).  Is it the commitment thing…  I feel nervous, know that I’m looking for excuses not to go – which is so daft when I actually enjoy what I’m going to do – and the group that I’m with !  Just another example of the daft ways in which my brain works I suppose.

This morning was just a short 3.25 miles with the dogs – it was a bit windy, but otherwise a lovely morning – and I did stop to take these pics.  My legs felt tired this morning, but it was still nice to be out.

A lovely morning in East Yorkshire

Finding my mojo!

Well the beginning of the year has been a bit of a battle with the old motivation !  all the rain we’ve had doesn’t tempt me outside particularly.  But in the last few days we’ve finally had the cold, frosty but sunny, clear sky days that I absolutely love.


The beginning of the year has been a bit overindulgent – without enough running to counteract it all.  But now that Christmas and family birthday parties are out of the way, I feel that I need to get back to some kind of healthier eating.  I do need to lose some weight that I’ve put on, but above all I need to eat ‘cleaner’ – this seems to be a buzz word recently, but I know that I feel far, far better if I eat very few processed foods and include plenty of fruit and veg with lean protein and some carbs (I really couldn’t do a no / low carb diet!!).  I also need to drink less wine – which for me means saving it as a treat for the weekend, rather than a glass or two several times in the week.  The first few weeks will be the hardest as I get back into the habit of reaching for a healthy snack, rather than biscuits and cake all the time.

It is just over 5 weeks till my first race of this year – the Dalton Dash 10k.  Do I need to train specifically for this?

This is something that I’m slightly lost with now that I am a regularly runner.  For my first 10k, of course I had to train for it – it was among the longest I was running at the time, so I knew it would be hard work.

But now, 10k is a distance I run on a fairly regular basis – so how do I train specifically for this.  I know I can do the distance, so should I be focusing on tempo / interval training?   I’m presuming that it depends on what I want to achieve.  Is my goal to just complete, or do I want to complete it within a specific time?  If I’m going for the time, then I definitely need to start some more speed training!

Hudson Way
Hudson Way – old railway line from Beverley

This last week saw me run 5 times – covering just under 25 miles.  The best run of the week was yesterday’s 9 mile trail run.  We had made the decision to avoid the roads due to the heavy frost and decided to head out to the Hudson Way – an old railway line which we joined at Beverley.  The route was mostly hard, rough ground, interspersed with very, very muddy sections!!  It was definitely a work out and I had to concentrate the whole time watching where my feet were going but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I did take more photo’s but they didn’t come out – not sure if my phone has a problem, or if it was just steaming up when I took it out of my belt……

Hudson Way – a slightly muddy patch !
Oh dear!  need to spend some time cleaning these shoes….

We definitely want to do more trail running, so if anyone has any suggestions in East Yorkshire please let me know.

It has begun!


Well 2016 is here, already nearly a week in.  As per usual I’ve been busy and not really had chance to stop and think, but plans are being formed.

In the early hours of new year’s day I entered a race……..  the half marathon that I wasn’t sure that I was going to do this year has ended up as North Lincolnshire Half Marathon on 15th May !  So I need to find some structure for my training heading towards this.

We have got a big list of races and are looking at which ones we want to do.  Already entered as well as the half is the Dalton Dash 10k in February.  I did five races last year – I expect that this year there will be more than that!

One interesting on that I have found is the Spitfire 10k – it would mean an overnight trip, but looks like it could be fun.

But it isn’t just about races.  I aim to run with club at least once a week if I can, parkrun as often as possible (which my teenage son has said he will join me at more this year) and to enjoy my running.  Running started as being something for me, where I could push myself as much or as little as I wanted to, have a little head space and take the frustrations of life out on the paths – I don’t intend to lose any of this.

I don’t really make New Year Resolutions as such, but I do try and think about how I’d like the year to unfold, what I’d like to achieve or work towards…..  I do struggle to turn ‘off’ my brain from thinking ALL OF THE TIME !  and this time of year it is even worse as all of the possibilities for the year ahead are fighting with each other for brain space.

I’d like to think my mantra for this year will be