It has begun!


Well 2016 is here, already nearly a week in.  As per usual I’ve been busy and not really had chance to stop and think, but plans are being formed.

In the early hours of new year’s day I entered a race……..  the half marathon that I wasn’t sure that I was going to do this year has ended up as North Lincolnshire Half Marathon on 15th May !  So I need to find some structure for my training heading towards this.

We have got a big list of races and are looking at which ones we want to do.  Already entered as well as the half is the Dalton Dash 10k in February.  I did five races last year – I expect that this year there will be more than that!

One interesting on that I have found is the Spitfire 10k – it would mean an overnight trip, but looks like it could be fun.

But it isn’t just about races.  I aim to run with club at least once a week if I can, parkrun as often as possible (which my teenage son has said he will join me at more this year) and to enjoy my running.  Running started as being something for me, where I could push myself as much or as little as I wanted to, have a little head space and take the frustrations of life out on the paths – I don’t intend to lose any of this.

I don’t really make New Year Resolutions as such, but I do try and think about how I’d like the year to unfold, what I’d like to achieve or work towards…..  I do struggle to turn ‘off’ my brain from thinking ALL OF THE TIME !  and this time of year it is even worse as all of the possibilities for the year ahead are fighting with each other for brain space.

I’d like to think my mantra for this year will be



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