Some long, some short

Pleased to say the mojo remains 🙂

My running pals

The last week or so has been a good running overall.  Managed a nice 8.5 mile long slow run last weekend accompanied by my OH – although it was 30 secs a mile quicker that the 9 miler the week before, so not that slow!   Club run this week was the normal winter route which is 5.5 miles (shorter if you cut out some of the loops, longer if you do extra loops!), I chose to go with the faster group again but to be honest, even when I set off I wasn’t sure how I was going to run it – Does anyone else feel like this?!  We seemed to pick up the pace and in the second mile I wondered if I’d be able to keep it up for the whole run (I had visions of falling flat on my face….), but push on we did and I finished with an average pace of 8:45 / mile.

I was really pleased with this, as it shows I’m getting some speed back, but this is still a long way off my 10k pb pace of 8.22 / mile.  I think the extra weight I’m carrying really needs to come off…..  I have been good since my last post – still having some treats, but cutting down the snacking dramatically.  I’ve also got back to meal planning, which I find makes every day easier as I don’t have to make the decision on what to cook! And it is easier to shop when you have the plan in front of you.

When I was heading off to club it got me thinking why I find running with others more of a challenge commitment wise than running on my own.  Is it because I feel I have to go, rather than want to go (but no one is forcing me, and I’d definitely be running whether it is with a club or on my own).  Is it the commitment thing…  I feel nervous, know that I’m looking for excuses not to go – which is so daft when I actually enjoy what I’m going to do – and the group that I’m with !  Just another example of the daft ways in which my brain works I suppose.

This morning was just a short 3.25 miles with the dogs – it was a bit windy, but otherwise a lovely morning – and I did stop to take these pics.  My legs felt tired this morning, but it was still nice to be out.

A lovely morning in East Yorkshire

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