Dalton Dash 10k Race report

  It was the first race of 2016, and my first race as a member of a club.  It was also the day that I realised that I’m now a member of a running club !  sound daft?  Yep, but it kind of just dawned on me that not only is this club someone to... Continue Reading →

Rows and long runs

Well what a week. I really found that last week’s bad long run had knocked my confidence.   I very nearly didn’t go to club run on Tuesday night – my OH was away so it meant going on my own so I could very easily have not bothered.  But a bit of a stern talking... Continue Reading →

Sunshine, wind, rain & snow!

Well I’m definitely trying to get into the mindset of onwards and upwards!    The beginning of 2016 has started off as hectic as 2015 ended – I wonder if we will get a slightly quieter period to catch our breath a bit? So how is the training going?  Well it had been OK, but then... Continue Reading →

How world cancer day affected me

The last few days my facebook newsfeed has been full of stories from women regarding their experience with cancer – be it themselves or their loved ones – and dedicating their runs to those they’ve lost or those that have battled and survived.  It has made for very hard reading. In one way it has... Continue Reading →

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