Dalton Dash 10k Race report


It was the first race of 2016, and my first race as a member of a club.  It was also the day that I realised that I’m now a member of a running club !  sound daft?  Yep, but it kind of just dawned on me that not only is this club someone to train with, but it is the support at events from both other runners and spectators from the club.  I suppose until yesterday I hadn’t really considered this aspect of it.

So what was the race like?  Gorgeous area, well organised, friendly people – perfect really.  It was an early start as registration closed at 8.30am and we didn’t want to be rushing last minute so alarms went off and out of bed we got.  One of my biggest issues is trying to get contact lenses into gritty eyes first thing on a morning (anyone got any tips for this?!), but for once they went in first try.   Kit together and off we went.

Just coming on to the finishing hill – flying feet !!!

The race is held in the grounds and surrounding roads of South Dalton estate – a beautiful part of the East Yorkshire countryside, which I’m lucky to live fairly near to.  The course is described as undulating – and that it certainly was, with one main long hill that was pretty tough.  Running four abreast up the hill we sounded like the Flying Scotsman must have done on its trip to York a few days earlier we were huffing and puffing that much!

The finishing mile took us back onto the estate with a cheeky hill up to the finishing line which made for a tough end.  Flapjacks from the Pipe & Glass Inn at South Dalton were a very welcome sight at the finish and hit the spot totally.  I was quite a way from my PB, but knew that this would be the case so it actually allowed me to relax and enjoy the race.  We then stayed and waited to see the others from the club finish, and trophies awarded before heading home to get warm (and walk the dogs!).

Chip time – 0:55:32

Yorkshire Wolds Runners with our finishers medals – Dalton Dash 10k 2016

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