When the plan doesn’t go to plan

I’m cross.  I’m angry.  With me, with my body.  The sensible part of my brain tells me that I shouldn’t be, and this is just one of those things but the part of me that likes to follow a plan – and complete everything on that plan – just won’t let go! After my lovely... Continue Reading →

Ow ow ow – DOMS !!!

Ok, so I mentioned in my last post about wanting to have a short strength routine to get into the habit of doing regularly. Hence yesterday morning, I was up nice and early to do 20 minutes of yoga, followed by a 30 min dog walk which I decided to follow with this new strength... Continue Reading →

Another week done

Urrggghhh !!!  Still not clear of the lurgy.  Thought I was Ok after last weekend, but Tuesday’s club run – 5.5 miles at a very steady pace, seemed to knock me again and after a shower I went straight to bed – couldn't face anything to eat or drink so I missed my evening meal. ... Continue Reading →

PJ day

I know – I missed a week!  I’m afraid that I succumbed to the lurgy that seems to be doing the rounds at the moment.   Last weekend I couldn’t even sit up without feeling very dizzy and nauseous – I spent the day in my PJ’s and I can’t remember the last time I did... Continue Reading →

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