Another week done

Urrggghhh !!!  Still not clear of the lurgy.  Thought I was Ok after last weekend, but Tuesday’s club run – 5.5 miles at a very steady pace, seemed to knock me again and after a shower I went straight to bed – couldn’t face anything to eat or drink so I missed my evening meal.  Luckily I’d had a fairly good lunch but not the best way to recover from a run!

Onwards and upwards – a steady week was planned, just over three miles on Thursday, parkrun Saturday but tail runner so walk / run and usual Sunday long run.    The long run was fairly hard work and I didn’t end up with as many miles as I would have ideally liked – lesson learnt:  don’t  make it up as you go a long, I need to decide before I sent off how far I’m going to run.  I really had to just accept it though – OH was complaining of pain before we’d even done two miles – so we ran back towards home and then I set off on my own for a few more miles.  This run did not go to plan !  It was a lovely day though, so I did stop to take a pic.

Nr Foston, East Yorkshire

Something I’ve really been struggling with is my sports bra’s rubbing – they do fit properly so it isn’t that.  One rubs at the front, the other gives me blisters on my back.  This week I resorted to sticking a big compeed plaster on my back to try and give the blisters chance to heal.  Someone on the Run Mummy Run facebook group recommended zinc oxide tape – and I’m pleased to say that the postman has just delivered the roll that I ordered at the weekend.  It may not look great, but I’m prepared to try anything as these blisters really hurt.  I will update when I’ve had chance to try it out and see if it works.

I enjoyed my turn as tail runner at Sewerby parkrun – a great way to get a steady run, take my turn at volunteering and be able to encourage the newbies.  If you haven’t volunteered before, please think about it – it is rewarding to put something back into a great organisation.

I seem to be suffering with a few niggles at the moment: lack of energy; sore knee; achy legs; achy shoulders…….   I’m putting effort into doing yoga more often – the app I use has a great 10 minute class for runners so I have no excuse to not do it.   I also want to devise a 10 – 15 min strength routine to fit in to my day somehow.


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