Ow ow ow – DOMS !!!

Ok, so I mentioned in my last post about wanting to have a short strength routine to get into the habit of doing regularly.

Hence yesterday morning, I was up nice and early to do 20 minutes of yoga, followed by a 30 min dog walk which I decided to follow with this new strength routine……

  • 10 x narrow squats
  • 10 x bicep curls
  • 10 x wide squats
  • 10 x bicep curl with shoulder press
  • 10 x lunge
  • 10 x tricep lift

2 sets of the above, all with a 2lb weight in each hand


It really didn’t take very long and I felt fine.

However.  Tuesday night is club run, and last night took us to Scarborough on an ‘away run’.  Half way through I could feel that my thighs were a little sore.  That’s OK I thought, to be expected.

This morning’s yoga session was interesting…..

My OH said if anyone could over hear they would wonder what was going on…..

I may have groaned, and oooohhhed a few times.

The front of my thighs and my inner thighs are certainly feeling it and a day sat at my desk has done nothing to help.  I really hoped today’s half hour dog walk would loosen them up, and it maybe did, but only a tiny bit !

I am planning a run in the morning and then to repeat the strength session again – but will have to see just how sore I still am.   The other half has just told me that he has paid for me to have a sports massage – I will look forward to that!

But I’ve learnt that I REALLY need to do this regularly – to be this sore shows just how much I need to work on my muscle strength.

Any tips on dealing with DOMS ??!!


3 thoughts on “Ow ow ow – DOMS !!!

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  1. DOMS is different for every person but it will certainly lessen the more you stick with your strength routine. I’ve been lifting for more then ten years and my legs and chest always suffer from that. Eat your protein and get sufficient rest, you’ll get used to it.


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