When the plan doesn’t go to plan

I’m cross.  I’m angry.  With me, with my body.  The sensible part of my brain tells me that I shouldn’t be, and this is just one of those things but the part of me that likes to follow a plan – and complete everything on that plan – just won’t let go!

After my lovely DOMS experience I had a couple of fairly steady runs – 4 miles on my own and then parkrun with a visiting friend on Saturday.  No problems at all.

Easter Sunday.  Seemed like a perfect day to fit in a long run.  It was windy but sunny so off we headed.  I wanted 11 miles so the plan was to do 5 miles with the dogs, drop them off at home and then head out for a further 6 miles.  I will admit to snapping at my OH when he suggested we carry on for longer with the dogs before turning for home (and still do the 6 miles afterwards), but at this point I was already struggling.

It started with some tightness in the front of my hip, which then spread to include the front of my thigh and resulted in pain above and to the outside of my knee.  I was hoping that as I warmed up it would ease off, but I wasn’t to be that lucky.  At about the 5 mile point I started to get shooting pains (a bit like sciatica) and stopped to try and stretch it out.  Determined (did someone say stubborn??!) I set off again, but didn’t get very many metres before the pain stopped me in my tracks.  I ended up walking the half a mile home and spent the next half hour feeling very sorry for myself whilst icing my leg.

I have tried to help myself by doing some yoga yesterday and today I just feel quite tight on that leg however there doesn’t seem to be any pain.  But – I don’t know what to do now!!

I will be ringing the physio tomorrow to book in for a sports massage and will see what he says.  But do I run before I see him?  Should I rest?

As you can maybe tell, this is new territory for me!


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