March round up

I’ve realised that I haven’t done a quick summary of my training in March, so here goes: March: Total miles:  71.75 miles Number of runs: 16 Races: 0   I’m still really struggling with my leg and getting pretty fed up about it 😦  I dropped the mileage down a bit to try and give... Continue Reading →

Shock Absorber Sports Bra Review

Back at the beginning of the year I contacted Shock Absorber about three ultimate run bras that I had that all seemed to have developed faults – stitching coming away, shrinking, hooks coming out – and they asked me to return them to have a look. It has taken a little sorting out but Shock... Continue Reading →

Timed mile club event

I’ve been nursing my leg since last week in the hope of sorting the niggles out.  I saw the physio straight away and had a top to toe massage – painful but fabulous!  As expected my ITB’s were tight, slightly more unexpected was that my inner thighs were also tight.  Lots of stretching is the... Continue Reading →

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