Timed mile club event

I’ve been nursing my leg since last week in the hope of sorting the niggles out.  I saw the physio straight away and had a top to toe massage – painful but fabulous!  As expected my ITB’s were tight, slightly more unexpected was that my inner thighs were also tight.  Lots of stretching is the way forward.  The worst bit?   The soles of my feet (plantar fascia?) wow!  That hurt.

The most I have done since my leg went is 6 miles on Tuesday with club.  I am still aware of tightness but seem to be managing it OK.

For only the second time I went to the Thursday night club session – it was a timed mile event.  The idea being that after a warm up run and some drills that we did a mile up a long hill.  Had a rest at the top (very much needed!) and ran the mile back down the hill – timed again.  I know that I’m not running at my fastest so I wasn’t sure how I’d get on……..

Official results are:

  • Uphill:  8.42
  • Downill:  6.42

I was pretty pleased with this – certainly the downhill !  I didn’t think that I was capable of under 7 mins (even downhill).

So now I need to build back up to longer distances as the North Lincs Half is getting ever closer.  Parkrun tomorrow and hopefully Hornsea 3rd Marathon (8.74 miles) on Sunday – if I can swap a place with someone.


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