Two versions of me

Early morning run in beautiful East Yorkshire

Well it is nearly two weeks since the half – so what have I been doing?  Not much!  Or at least it doesn’t feel like it.  I’ve run five times since then – furthest of 4 miles and including one hill repeats session with club.  This doesn’t really feel like very much, and I think I should be doing more…….

Tonight I’m going to my first ever track session !  I will also be joined by my teenage son (shock) and I’m really pleased that he is coming with me.

I’ve kind of decided that I’m going to concentrate on shorter distances at the moment, but then I read a blog post that made me question my motivation for this decision.  I struggled with the distance this time – maybe I hadn’t given it enough respect, I’m not sure.  So is it fear that is stopping me doing another?

The blog I read is from Rachel Cullen and you can find it here.

“I have a persistent inner battle. It’s a battle that sometimes I win, and sometimes, I lose. It’s based on two versions of myself”

This sentence caught my attention as it could have been written about me.  I read on, and I’ll be honest, it nearly made me cry.  Rachel had articulated just how I feel sometimes.  I read the following paragraph out to my boyfriend and he agreed how it sounded just like me – not that he agreed it is me, but that is how I think of myself, how I don’t believe in myself.

“The old version: She can’t run. She’s unfit. She hides herself away, and tells herself she can’t do it – that it’s beyond her. She doesn’t put herself on the starting line. She’s afraid to try. She can’t face the possibility of failing. She wishes she could be braver, but she doesn’t know how. She doesn’t want to look foolish: it would hurt too much.”

Go over to Rachel’s blog and read the rest of the post, I’m hoping that I’ve learnt something from it and that I can try and make sure the ‘new version’ wins as much as possible.

Do you have any self confidence tips? 


North Lincolnshire Half Marathon race report

Happy Monday from a battered and bruised runner!  Well that is how I feel today……

Coming in to the finish

North Lincs Half Marathon……..  it is about a 70 min drive for us and we were planning on just heading there on Sunday morning until a friend who had pulled out due to injury offered us her hotel room.  In hindsight this was fantastic and if I did this race again I would book a hotel – so many, many thanks T 🙂

Saturday night was carb loading with pizza (no alcohol) and an early night.  Not unsurprisingly, I didn’t sleep well at all.  I was up at 4am, then dozed a bit till 6am when I gave up and got up. Breakfast was eaten and plenty of fluids and we left the hotel to go and meet up with others at the stadium.   For others thinking about this race, the Travelodge is fantastically placed (we even popped back for pre race loo stop because of the queues at the stadium!).

We joined in the throng walking towards the start line and then tried to start making our way through to the right section for our predicted finish times, but before we made it the gun went and the race was on!  Note for future years – get to the start earlier.

My race plan

I did my first half marathon last October at Bridlington.  I was aware that I am not in as good shape as I was then, but that was a hilly course, this was flat.  I’d hoped to be able to bring it in under 2 hours.  My OH (doing his first half) wanted to set off with me but I knew he was capable of a better pace.  I’d decided that I would try to pace him to 6 / 7 miles at an average of a 9 min mile then encourage him to go off on his own.  I felt that this would give him a really good chance of a sub 2 hour.

That bit worked – we’d averaged a pace of 9:02 min / mile by the half way point where I encouraged him to go off.  For several more miles I could still see him a little way in front, but then I started to really struggle around 10 / 11 miles.  At one point I thought my legs were literally going to stop working!  You can see on my splits where I try to push on but then struggle again.  At this point it was head down and put one foot in front of the other all the way to the end.

North Lincs Half splits 2016
North Lincs Half 2016 splits

I had one stop when I came across a chap I know from parkrun who had fallen and hit his head.  I stopped to make sure he was OK and only carried on once he was back on his feet and with medics (he did carry on and finish – going to hospital later to have the wound glued back together!) but that wasn’t very long at all.

My finish time:  02:01:47

Finish line goodies – medal (a very nice one), a tech t-shirt (size chosen when entering and they made sure they gave you the right one), muffin and water – along with a goody back with a few other bits and pieces in it.  All in – excellent!!

We went back to the hotel to get sorted and go home and unfortunately I took a turn for the worst again and felt very, very ill.  I’d been trying to keep eating and drinking – both during the run and afterwards so I really don’t know why I’m like this.  I threw up once and actually felt better after that.  I’d put down previous episodes to not eating at all and not drinking enough, however this can’t be the case this time.  I do have thyroid disease and am starting to wonder if it is something to do with that…..

If you are looking for a half marathon to enter next year I would definitely recommend the North Lincs Half.

Beverley 10k race report.

Wow!  It was hot !  not something I expected to be saying about a race in the North of England in May.

Bev10k2016finish jane
Trying for a sprint finish!  (I’m the one in black)

Sunday was the Beverley 10k – first time I’ve entered this race so it was all new to me.   The start is alongside the Minster and the route winds through the town centre before making its way across Beverley Westwood, back round and return over the Westwood to a finish in Wednesday Market.  The route is nice but a little boring, with a few inclines to deal with.

The start was very, very crowded, but it was sign posted into areas dependant on predicted finish time so it wasn’t too bad to get going.  I had made the decision to take it steady and not try to push for a PB as I needed to test my leg and see if it would hold up.  The heat was brutal – we just aren’t used to it at all (it was hailstoning / raining / blowing a gale two weeks ago) and the course has very little shade.  I did stop at both water stations which is unusual for me and I’m glad I did.

One thing that will put me off entering this particular race in future – the start time.  11.15am.  On a day like this year, an earlier start would have helped as it would have been a bit cooler.  But also, on a purely selfish note, an earlier start means you are done and back home and still have the rest of the day!

What start time do you prefer for a race?  


  • TIME 56:59

The leg……  well I was aware of it a little bit when running, but nowhere near as bad as it has been.  It was a little sore for the rest of the day, but keeping moving seemed to help.  I’m really pleased that it hasn’t got worse the day after the race.

Would I do this race again?  Not sure.  It was well organised, and the support along the course was fab but I just found it a bit boring. I’m definitely thinking of trail rather than road races.

But, for now, the focus is on the North Lincs half marathon next week.

April round up


  • Total miles:  77.03 miles
  • Number of runs: 15
  • Races: 1


I’ve finished April feeling very, very frustrated with my running.  My leg is still really bothering me when running, but seems to be find otherwise.  I’m hoping that this is a good sign and that it is on the mend.

Unrelated to running, this week I treated myself to some new scented body lotion – big mistake!!  I used it on my arms and a day or so later was covered in an angry rash on the underneath of my arms and on my hands.  It is horrible 😦  The antihistamine I had at home didn’t seem to be working so a trip to the doc’s yesterday resulted in stronger tablets to take.  I hope it sorts it very, very soon.

up and down

It has been an up and down few weeks – just when I think I’m making progress with my leg I’m put right back at square one.

My car was in the garage for MOT, so I decided to take the opportunity to run somewhere different whilst waiting for the car to be ready.  The garage is in the middle of the countryside, so the run was on quiet back roads – perfect.  I decided on an interval session:

  • 10 mins warm up
  • Repeat x 8 – 2 mins @8:00 – 8:30 min / mile – 1 min recovery
  • 10 mins cool down

I really enjoyed the session, and it has served as a reminder that I like doing this and need to do more structured training like this.


Unfortunately it seems that is was maybe a bit too much for my leg and just over a mile into parkrun I had to walk for a while as my leg was just too painful.  Sunday we had planned our last long run before North Lincs half.  For confidence for my other half (and me!) we wanted to cover the full distance.  I know it possibly wasn’t the most sensible decision, but I really wanted to get the session done so off we went.  I was aware of my leg aching from the word go, but it got really bad at about the half way point.  I choose to walk any uphill sections as that seems to be when it is worse – and managed to complete.  It wasn’t pretty, but at least it is done.

I just have to include this pic – not taken whilst running, but on my daily dog walk.  These lambs have obviously been hand reared and are just so friendly.


Now, where is the phone to ring the physio !