up and down

It has been an up and down few weeks – just when I think I’m making progress with my leg I’m put right back at square one.

My car was in the garage for MOT, so I decided to take the opportunity to run somewhere different whilst waiting for the car to be ready.  The garage is in the middle of the countryside, so the run was on quiet back roads – perfect.  I decided on an interval session:

  • 10 mins warm up
  • Repeat x 8 – 2 mins @8:00 – 8:30 min / mile – 1 min recovery
  • 10 mins cool down

I really enjoyed the session, and it has served as a reminder that I like doing this and need to do more structured training like this.


Unfortunately it seems that is was maybe a bit too much for my leg and just over a mile into parkrun I had to walk for a while as my leg was just too painful.  Sunday we had planned our last long run before North Lincs half.  For confidence for my other half (and me!) we wanted to cover the full distance.  I know it possibly wasn’t the most sensible decision, but I really wanted to get the session done so off we went.  I was aware of my leg aching from the word go, but it got really bad at about the half way point.  I choose to walk any uphill sections as that seems to be when it is worse – and managed to complete.  It wasn’t pretty, but at least it is done.

I just have to include this pic – not taken whilst running, but on my daily dog walk.  These lambs have obviously been hand reared and are just so friendly.


Now, where is the phone to ring the physio !


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