Beverley 10k race report.

Wow!  It was hot !  not something I expected to be saying about a race in the North of England in May.

Bev10k2016finish jane
Trying for a sprint finish!  (I’m the one in black)

Sunday was the Beverley 10k – first time I’ve entered this race so it was all new to me.   The start is alongside the Minster and the route winds through the town centre before making its way across Beverley Westwood, back round and return over the Westwood to a finish in Wednesday Market.  The route is nice but a little boring, with a few inclines to deal with.

The start was very, very crowded, but it was sign posted into areas dependant on predicted finish time so it wasn’t too bad to get going.  I had made the decision to take it steady and not try to push for a PB as I needed to test my leg and see if it would hold up.  The heat was brutal – we just aren’t used to it at all (it was hailstoning / raining / blowing a gale two weeks ago) and the course has very little shade.  I did stop at both water stations which is unusual for me and I’m glad I did.

One thing that will put me off entering this particular race in future – the start time.  11.15am.  On a day like this year, an earlier start would have helped as it would have been a bit cooler.  But also, on a purely selfish note, an earlier start means you are done and back home and still have the rest of the day!

What start time do you prefer for a race?  


  • TIME 56:59

The leg……  well I was aware of it a little bit when running, but nowhere near as bad as it has been.  It was a little sore for the rest of the day, but keeping moving seemed to help.  I’m really pleased that it hasn’t got worse the day after the race.

Would I do this race again?  Not sure.  It was well organised, and the support along the course was fab but I just found it a bit boring. I’m definitely thinking of trail rather than road races.

But, for now, the focus is on the North Lincs half marathon next week.


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