Happy Blog Anniversary to me!!


A year.  A whole year !  I can’t quite believe it has been that long since I started to write about running.  So what have been the biggest events of my first year of blogging?

  • I’ve joined a club (and become a committee member) – I actually didn’t think I’d have the confidence to do this, which means this is a big thing for me.
  • I’ve run two half marathons and several other shorter races (you can see which ones here – there are quite a lot!)
  • I’ve consistently attended parkrun – only missing it if I really can’t get there.

I feel now that I’m very much part of the running community and that is a great feeling.  I’ve made lots of new friends.  Where else could someone you’ve only met five times ask to borrow a sports bra (she’d forgotten to pack hers!)?!  I love that sense of belonging – something that I don’t feel like I’ve really had before.  I want to share this with others, help them get involved too – starting at home with my teenage son.  He is already starting to see the benefits of running and loves the social side.  Our running club are looking at ways of including beginner runners to try and make joining a club seem like less of a scary prospect, I’m keen to get involved with this.

So what for the next year?

I’d like to update my blog scheme and make it look a bit better.

I’ll continue writing about my running and my life.

I’ve got several races already entered (I’ve updated my races page if you are interested), and I’m sure there will be more that I run.

I want to continue to try and develop my running – it would be great to set a new PB for 5k and 10k.  I want to do more trail running rather than road running.

But over to you.  What would you like to see more of on this blog?  Add your comments below.


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