Rain, rain go away

Note to self…….  if it is raining, plait hair don’t just put it in a pony tail !

Anyone else having problems with the weather recently?  Last night was club run and it rained.  And rained.  And rained !  The route was part off road, including long grass, nettles and mud, and lots of puddles.  Actually, I love this kind of run.  Ended up with just over 7 miles at a nice steady pace of around 10 min miles.  Ended up a late night though, by the time I’d stopped to get milk and then spent ages trying to detangle my hair in the shower.

I did run parkrun on Saturday, but in hindsight I should have either volunteered, or taken it much steadier.  I gave blood on Friday afternoon – the first time in 6 years.  Six years ago I wasn’t a runner.  I’ve never had problems after giving blood, so presumed I’d be fine to run.  Wrong decision! I seemed to struggle most of the way round and walked several times;  breathing wasn’t great and I felt a bit sick and shaky.  Pleased to say that once I’d had a drink I was fine, but definitely a lesson learnt for next time I give blood (please do go if you can, you never know when you might need blood yourself).

The last month or two I’ve been quite low on mileage, ever since my leg was bothering me.  But now I feel ready to start upping the distance again.  I’ve managed to lose about half a stone and am feeling a bit better in myself.  Hopefully this will help my running too.  Have a minimum of another half a stone to lose.  I’m even toying with entering another half marathon…….  I went to the Humber Bridge half on Sunday as my OH and some club mates were running and although I’m glad I wasn’t running that one, it did spark my interest again.

Early Monday morning in East Yorkshire

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  1. I’ve been wondering about giving blood whilst running – haven’t done it for a while because of different training commitments. Were you ok the day after? If you want an Autumn half our local Ealing Half Marathon in West London is an amazing one! And you’d have plenty of practice up in Yorkshire on hills to combat our Ealing ‘undulations’!


    1. Hi 🙂

      I think we all should give blood if we can, but I’ll be more careful about when I run next time! I felt OK until I was running so in future I’ll give 24 hours between donating and running and I think that will be fine.

      I need more hill practice! I’m pretty near the East Yorkshire coast and it is fairly flat here – need to get up into the dales !

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