Four years

Four years that in some ways seem to have passed quickly, but it also seems like a lifetime ago.

Four years ago this week my step-brother died.
Four years ago this week my marriage was over.
Four years ago this week I moved house.

I still don’t believe I’ve dealt with all of the emotions surrounding these events, but then do you ever?  Or do you just learn to live with it.

I looked back to see what I’d written last year and I’d still been struggling with all life had been throwing at me.  I’m pleased to say that the last year has been a bit steadier!  I’m grateful for having the strength to risk a new relationship which has turned into the best thing ever – and without whose support I know I would struggle.  I’m grateful for where I am in life now.

My step-brother was a sportsman.  He ran the Great North Run.

So my runs this week are for you Rich.


Walkington 10k and running the trails

Phew, what a few weeks!

In my last post I was asking for tips on how to deal with the rain, and today it is how to deal with the heat!  Typical British weather then…….

Looking across the field to my old house

It has been a very busy few weeks, both for running and the rest of life.  I’m consistently running at least four times a week (with six being a recent record!) but the longest I’ve run in the last month is about seven miles.  I would like to add in some longer runs soon – maybe up to about ten miles.

Last week I took a week off work, the idea being to get some outstanding jobs done and have a bit of time to relax…….  well some jobs got done, but the relaxing didn’t!  However it was very nice to get out and run with a little less time restraints.  One run I loved – we went back to where I used to live, to run the footpaths and tracks that I started my running journey on.  Due to reasons of not wanting to bump into a particular individual I haven’t been back for years – but now that isn’t an issue it was lovely to go back.  We covered 5.5 miles – mainly trail, with a little bit of road (when I missed a turning on the footpath !).  It was sunny, with a bit of breeze and absolutely perfect.  It reminded me of my love of running trails, and I am definitely doing the right thing trying to do more of this.  It was the morning after an evening club run, so my legs were a little bit achy – which trying to run through rough grass doesn’t help, but I’m hoping it all helps strengthen them.

I’ve been a little bit worried today thinking about where and when I run, due to a murder that has just been reported not many miles away.  The reports state that someone has been arrested, so I am presuming that any immediate danger has been removed, but it has worried me because they are asking for witnesses from people using a particular footpath – an old railway line that I sometimes run on.  It all just seems a bit close to home.

Walkington 10k

I ran Walkington 10k last Friday evening.  I had been warned that it was a hilly course and it was.  But I didn’t mind that actually.  It seemed a very friendly and well organised event and I was pleased with my finish time of 55:57.  There wasn’t a medal, but there was a t-shirt (that I will wear) and a welcome mars bar.  Would I do it again?  Definitely.

Walkington 10k finishers

It was made a very nice evening by several of the club members visiting one of the local pubs for a drink before going home.  Although a late night meant that getting up for parkrun on Saturday was a bit of a push!

I’ve had to include lots of photo’s for this post – the Yorkshire countryside is very beautiful.

Perfect trail running #Yorkshire