Four years

Four years that in some ways seem to have passed quickly, but it also seems like a lifetime ago.

Four years ago this week my step-brother died.
Four years ago this week my marriage was over.
Four years ago this week I moved house.

I still don’t believe I’ve dealt with all of the emotions surrounding these events, but then do you ever?  Or do you just learn to live with it.

I looked back to see what I’d written last year and I’d still been struggling with all life had been throwing at me.  I’m pleased to say that the last year has been a bit steadier!  I’m grateful for having the strength to risk a new relationship which has turned into the best thing ever – and without whose support I know I would struggle.  I’m grateful for where I am in life now.

My step-brother was a sportsman.  He ran the Great North Run.

So my runs this week are for you Rich.


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