Whoop whoop!!! I finally had a good run!

I’ve felt for quite a long while that I’m just slogging away with my running, that each run is fairly hard work – legs aching, feet aching, tired......  just taking more effort than it should do.  I’ve had periods like this before and feel that I just have to stick it out and it will... Continue Reading →

Bawtry Forest Trail Race

Why are we doing this?  Was the question asked on Sunday morning when we were heading out for an 80 minute drive to a race we knew very little about.  Is that a bit far to be going? After all, this is just a hobby, we aren't going to be winning races...... Entry for this... Continue Reading →

London Spitfire 10k

Well what a busy few weeks it has been ! I missed my first parkrun in a long time last Saturday in order to run the London Spitfire 10k (more on that later), and I really did miss it – the run and the people. I've been running consistently – through rain, sun and everything... Continue Reading →

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