Whoop whoop!!! I finally had a good run!

I’ve felt for quite a long while that I’m just slogging away with my running, that each run is fairly hard work – legs aching, feet aching, tired……  just taking more effort than it should do.  I’ve had periods like this before and feel that I just have to stick it out and it will get better.

North Frodingham Canal

Well Monday morning I headed out for my run, as usual I’d had a busy weekend (knocking tiles off the kitchen walls!) including a couple of glasses of wine on Sunday evening so I wasn’t expecting a particularly good run.  I set off steady, with my two dogs.  There were several sniff / wee stops (for the dogs, not me!) and a ten minute chat with a fellow dog walker so I was really taking it easy.  BUT…….  I felt great.  Nothing was hurting or aching and it just felt easy.  It hasn’t felt like that in ages.  I finished at 5.5 miles because I had to get to work, but I could happily have carried on further.

Afterwards I looked at my mile splits – every single mile was quicker than the one before – a great progression run.  This tells me just how comfortable I was.

My two gorgeous running buddies

I went out again Wednesday and did another 6.6 miles – not quite as comfortable but not bad at all.  Planning on a run tonight of about 5 – 6 miles so will see how that goes.  I have been trying to eat a better balance – and succeeding, but my OH’s work had a Macmillan Coffee Morning cake sale yesterday – I sent in Raspberry Frangipane tarts as our contribution.  He came home with chocolate cake and chocolate brownies and I just can’t resist them!


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  1. Sounds like it’s starting to come together for you again. Well done for sticking at it and happy running! 🙂


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