Yorkshire Coast 10k

Sewerby Halloween parkrun

It has been a busy few weeks!

My 100th parkrun was a fun morning.  What more can you ask for really – out in the fresh air, in a beautiful part of the world, with lots of friends.   The following week I ran my 100th parkrun at Sewerby.  This Saturday was also the last week of the annual points competition and I was vying for third place with another (faster!) runner.  I had to be within so many finishing places to take the third place – it was close!


This weekend has been a fab weekend of friends and running – Halloween parkrun…….  which means fancy dress at 9am on a Saturday morning.  Saturday evening brought a meal out with visiting friends from Newcastle – friends we have made through parkrun. Sunday was the Yorkshire Coast 10k – more to follow.  And as is becoming customary after an event, a club meet in the local Weatherspoons for something to eat and a few drinks.  Loving this !

 Not a surprise then that I’m feeling shattered today and concentrating on the day job is proving a little difficult 😉

Yorkshire Coast 10k

Described as ‘The ‘Biggest and Best’ 10Km road race and Fun Run ever to be held in Scarborough!!!!’ this race starts and finishes at the Scarborough Spa, with the route taking you along the sea front, a short loop into Peasholme Park and then back along the sea front.  I’ve run this once before – in 2012, with a finish time of 55:16.  I was VERY pleased that it was a calm day with very little wind.  As the route is along the coast, if it is windy it can be horrible.

I know that I’m not running at my fastest at the moment, and as I’d pushed a bit at parkrun the day before I wasn’t expecting great things !  After a last minute dash to the loo, we made our way to the start.  A bit late so it was very busy, but we managed to get more or less to the 55 min start area for the mass warm up.  It is very packed, so you are shoulder to shoulder – not a lot of room to warm up, but within a few minutes we were off.   I tried to settle into a comfortable pace and find my own rhythm – my OH running with me for the first couple of miles and I consciously decided to not look at my watch much – but to run to feel.  I think I checked three times as it beeped for the end of a mile, but otherwise didn’t look at it to the end.

At roughly half way there is a section of route that doubles back – a great opportunity to try and spot friends and shout encouragement.  The last time I ran this I barely knew anyone……  it couldn’t have been more different this time.  I felt pretty good by this point, working hard but comfortable so just tried to keep my pace steady and not let it drop too much as I started to get tired.  A welcome cheer from club mates as we headed back along the front, round castle corner and back into town.  If you look across the bay you can see the Spa and the finish a long time before you are there – I tried not to look!

I had been picking a runner a little way in front of my and slowing trying to catch them up as a way of keeping me going but there was one lady that it took AGES to get to her – we must have been running at a very similar pace, but finally I did.  A few hundred metres before the finish the road rises up a short sharp hill to a roundabout before dropping back down to the finish line.  I heard shouts of encouragement from the roundabout, but didn’t have the energy to see who it was (big sorry to my son who was the one cheering me on – oopps) and it was everything I had left to get me to the finish.

A big shout out to the organisers of this race for the finish.  Keep walking and there was water and fruit, keep going a bit further and t-shirts were being given out, a bit further still and medals and sporks.  The medal and t-shirt this year were fab, I love a bit of bling to add to my medal collection.

Finishing time:  53:01

I’d been hoping that I would manage to get in under 55 mins, so you can tell that I was very happy with this finishing time!  (10k pb is 52:00 but I know I’m not running on that form at the moment).

Would I do this race again?  Definitely!  The atmosphere is fab and it is relatively close to home making it an easy one to do.  I’d recommend it for beginners too, the way the course is means that there are very few (if any) points that you’d be on your own.


Why do I go to parkrun ? eve of 100th run


A family of milestone t shirts !

This Saturday will be my 100th parkrun.

One of those was at Dalby Forest, 99 of them at Sewerby.  I ran my first parkrun on 9th June 2012.  I completed 6 runs in 2012, 4 in 2013, 8 in 2014, 43 in 2015 and 38 so far in 2016.  I’ve also volunteered 6 times.

As you can see the first three years I was not a regular !  But why do I go pretty much every single week now?  The only time I miss parkrun is if there is something else completely unavoidable on a Saturday morning.

I love it !  I love the run, the friendships I’ve made and the whole atmosphere.

As someone who doesn’t make friends particularly easily, that has been a lovely side of parkrun to experience.  Recently something happened that was a great example of this.  Another runner at my parkrun posted on fb ‘It’s a long shot, but would someone run with me on Saturday’.  This person is struggling a little bit with confidence since a break from running.  Well, we all needed to form a queue there were that many offers!  And as one pointed out ‘not such a long shot’.

How nice for that person that lots of people wanted to run with them.  But also, from my perspective – I offered to join them.  Why is that such a big deal?  My lack of confidence used to stop me offering because why would someone want my company?  Why would I think I could help in any way?  People wouldn’t choose to spend time with me.  I still struggle with this at times, but the fact that I offered is a big step forward.

In 2015 my OH started to join me at parkrun.  This makes it so much easier to keep the commitment.   Particularly when the alarm goes off on a dark Saturday morning in the middle of winter!

This year my teenage son has also been regularly running.  A change in his routine means that he can now come with us once a fortnight.  I’ve loved being able to do parkrun as a family but more than that, my son has been brought in to a larger family – my parkrun family.  He is developing new friendships of his own, learning how to talk to people of all ages and backgrounds.  Social skills which will help him for many years.  He has also given up his time to volunteer on a few occasions – a great thing to do.

As a mum, for your child to be accepted and encouraged by others is a wonderful thing.  To see his confidence in his own ability grow.

Other runners have encouraged him along the route including several times running the rest of the course with him to help him achieve times he didn’t think he ever could.

When he started running he would tell himself he couldn’t achieve a faster time, couldn’t continue to run because he was too out of breath / legs were like jelly / something hurt too much.  Now, he will tell himself that he can go faster, than he can run despite breathing hard, despite jelly legs and that sometimes the hurt is good – it is the hurt of pushing yourself.

This is a huge reason to continue to go to parkrun – not just for myself, but for my loved ones.

The picture with this post is of me with my other half and son – all with our milestone t shirts on.  I LOVE this picture !

Do you do parkrun regularly?  Why do you go?

Terrified of the injury bench

The last fortnight has zipped past so quickly!  I’ve been busy running – 9 times in the last 14 days – and all seemed to be going well.

I’ve had a bit of a niggle in my calf for quite a long time – kept at bay with stretching and it normally eased off once I was warmed up on a run and then no more pain for the rest of the run.  But last week I ran with my son on Thursday evening – planned 3 miles but we ended up doing 4, followed by Friday morning 6.2 miles and on Friday it didn’t ease off at all on the run.  My legs ached and hurt and it was a tough run.  I particularly wanted to complete the distance though as it was my 10k run for the 401 Virtual runs.  After icing several times on Friday the calf felt well enough for parkrun Saturday, but I still took it easyish.

Sunday was my rest day and despite continued improvement I’ve decided to take today as an extra rest day – trying to be sensible!!!  Next run will be club run tomorrow evening.

Today – I ache!!  All over!!  But this has more to do with DIY (putting new cables under the floors) then it does with running !