Terrified of the injury bench

The last fortnight has zipped past so quickly!  I’ve been busy running – 9 times in the last 14 days – and all seemed to be going well.

I’ve had a bit of a niggle in my calf for quite a long time – kept at bay with stretching and it normally eased off once I was warmed up on a run and then no more pain for the rest of the run.  But last week I ran with my son on Thursday evening – planned 3 miles but we ended up doing 4, followed by Friday morning 6.2 miles and on Friday it didn’t ease off at all on the run.  My legs ached and hurt and it was a tough run.  I particularly wanted to complete the distance though as it was my 10k run for the 401 Virtual runs.  After icing several times on Friday the calf felt well enough for parkrun Saturday, but I still took it easyish.

Sunday was my rest day and despite continued improvement I’ve decided to take today as an extra rest day – trying to be sensible!!!  Next run will be club run tomorrow evening.

Today – I ache!!  All over!!  But this has more to do with DIY (putting new cables under the floors) then it does with running !


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