A Different Christmas

This year Christmas was different for us.  For the first time in 12 years my son had been invited to spend Christmas with his dad.  Now although I knew I’d miss him, I was also pleased he would have this opportunity.  It did mean that we decided to have a total shake up on what... Continue Reading →

Hanging in there

So the usual Christmas madness is well and truly upon us.  Dragging myself through the day any which way that I could has generally been the attitude over the last few weeks.  It really is a rubbish time to not be feeling top form as I’m sure many would agree.  It seems that the coughs... Continue Reading →

Where have I been?

There has been a bit of a hiatus in writing.....  but why?  In short, because I’ve been struggling.  And part of that for me is struggling to make sense of my emotions and the jumble of words going round inside my head !   So what happened? In the week after the Yorkshire Coast 10k... Continue Reading →

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