Where have I been?

There has been a bit of a hiatus in writing…..  but why?  In short, because I’ve been struggling.  And part of that for me is struggling to make sense of my emotions and the jumble of words going round inside my head !


So what happened?

In the week after the Yorkshire Coast 10k I had a couple of very steady runs which were OK and then turned up to parkrun as usual on the Saturday.  It was horrid.  My OH was running with me as we had decided on a nice easy run – I wish!  I walked several times, but my effort levels seemed much higher and I just felt rubbish.  It really knocked me and I didn’t feel like going out running for quite a while.


A few days after I was at the docs for some routine blood tests (I have them occasionally due to thyroid disease) and the following day had a phone call to tell me that I was anaemic.  Not something I’ve had experience of before!  At least it may be explained why I had been feeling so rubbish….  Unfortunately that weekend was the weekend of Dalby Dash 10k – my son’s first race.  I was determined to run, and hoped to just be able to keep up with him.  No chance !!!   He did fab, coming in at 57:27, amazing for a first race and without that much training.  I was pleased to cross the line, promptly burst into tears and struggled to regain composure.  It is a shame as it is a really nice run and one that I’d like to do again.


Ever since I’ve just been plodding along, trying to do 3 miles every few days and hoping the iron tablets will start to take effect soon.  I’m disappointed with just how much it has knocked my confidence but am trying to just go a little easy on myself.

A gorgeous Yorkshire morning


A few days ago my OH and I got up early to aim for 3 miles before work.  I love being out early like this and a gorgeous morning helps.  I’m not worrying about how fast or slow I am and just trying to get some pleasure in being out.


Anyone else experienced anaemia when trying to run?



2 thoughts on “Where have I been?

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  1. Good to see you back. No experience of anaemia I’m afraid but plenty of experience of struggling with my running from time to time. Just be gentle with yourself for a bit and don’t beat yourself up if you have to walk/run from time to time. It’s hard running at this time of year anyway so just relax and enjoy the lovely scenery. Hopefully your anaemia will get sorted out soon and you can build back up to some longer runs


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