Hanging in there

So the usual Christmas madness is well and truly upon us.  Dragging myself through the day any which way that I could has generally been the attitude over the last few weeks.  It really is a rubbish time to not be feeling top form as I’m sure many would agree.  It seems that the coughs and colds, tummy bugs and general malaise is upon lots of friends, including the dog – who has recently had to have an emergency castration due to a bad infection (picture it, the dog with the lampshade on, banging against every wall / leg / piece of furniture he could find), following a week of being very poorly when we had no idea what was wrong, therefore worrying ourself sick.  We push ourselves to live up to the ideals and expectations that this time of year brings.  ‘how many Christmas parties have you got….?’ ‘have you bought and wrapped all the presents yet?’.  Hmmmmm……. the last posting date (first class, bloody expensive) is pretty much upon us, and only today have I managed to write any cards.  No, I have not wrapped all presents yet, I haven’t even bought all presents yet.  Don’t even ask about decorations at home… do we have to bother?  And today, when the stresses are really piling on, I find out that the teenager has run up and extra £65 of mobile phone data bill – just what I need a week before Christmas, I mean, why not – I deal with everything else, why not this…..


Running?  Ah yes, this is supposed to be about running.  I have managed the odd run – trying to get out three or four times a week, but very rarely managing more than 3 miles.  I’m still taking the iron tablets, still feeling rubbish and starting to worry very much about the 5 mile, night time, trail run entered at the end of January !

I hope you are all hanging in there, hopefully looking forward to the festive period with more glee than I am.


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