2016 round up and what is in store for 2017

My running stats for 2016:

  • Miles:  53 miles  (11.89 more than last year!)
  • Time Spent:  5 days, 17 hours, 21 mins, 28 secs
  • Number of runs:  193 (3 more than last year)
  • Races:  11
  • Parkruns:  50 (48 Sewerby, 1 Dalby Forest, 1 Hull)
  • Volunteered:  4

My aim for 2016 was to run an average of 75 miles a month.  I didn’t manage this – so I’m feeling a little fed up.  However, I did cover this distance on average until November and December, and then the lower mileage was due to struggling with running due to anaemia.  So overall I can’t be too hard on myself.  I have still run an awful lot of miles, taken part in lots of parkruns, volunteered a few times and done more races than ever before !

I’ve struggled a bit in 2016, with mild injury and health issues but what have been the positives from the year?

Being part of the running community.  This is by far the best thing about running.  I’ve been consoled, encouraged, cheered and supported the whole way.  A phrase I’ve heard many times is ‘parkrun family’ and it really is.  I’ve gained my ‘100’ shirt this year.  As well as parkrun, 2016 was the first full year of being a member of a running club.  Yorkshire Wolds Runners are a fab club to be part of.  A newer member recently wrote ‘a club who do not ask me how fast I went or what time I go, but instead say ‘did you enjoy that run’ – great support, always.

Running with Ben Smith of the 401 Challenge.  It was an honour to be part of this.

Ben Smith 401 Challenge

Off road running.  When I first started running I did the vast majority off road, but house moves meant that I ended up doing more road work.  2016 saw me try to focus on more off road – races including Mulgrave Castle and Bawtry Trail and lots of training runs.  I’ve loved this and will definitely be doing more.

Bawtry Trail Race


I’m not really into resolutions for new year, I’d rather decide on some goals or aims instead.  So what are my plans for this year…….

First and foremost – to enjoy my running.  This means not putting too much pressure on !  But also it means having a focus, a training plan – I like to be organised.

More trail running.  We’ve started the year off with a 4.5 mile run this morning, with at least half off road.  Yes it was muddy, yes it was uneven – but it was fun! (must buy some trail shoes – any recommendations?)

Health wise, I need to get the anaemia under control and lose some weight.  I am hoping that this will be achieved in the first couple of months of the year.

Family fun !  My teenager is stating that as soon as he turns sixteen he will be joining club, that he will be joining in with track sessions and will be coming to parkrun every fortnight.  I really hope that he does !  It is obviously very good for his health, but I’m looking forward to being able to spend time together.

Wishing everyone happiness, good health and lots of fun running.


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