January 2017 round up


  • Total miles:  80.15
  • Number of runs: 20
  • Races: 1


That is actually the most runs I think I’ve ever done in a month!  Hadn’t realised that until I’ve written it down.  Although I’m still struggling with pace, I’m pleased that I have run the distance I have in January.  I’ve seen the doc again and am to remain on iron tablets for another three months as my levels are still pretty low.  Also I’ve been advised to add in a Vitamin D supplement.  I’m hoping that a combination of these, plus losing some weight, will really make a difference and the pace I was running at will come back again.

Within those runs, I’d included 3 hill reps sessions.  I do think these do me a lot of good!  I really want to keep these up through the rest of the year.  I’m also looking forward to club track sessions starting again.  I like the structured sessions and think they help increase pace and stamina.

How did January go for you?


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