February 2017 round up



  • Total miles:  77.94
  • Number of runs: 17
  • Races: 0

Pretty pleased with that.  February being a short month I was expecting to be lower on the mileage than this, but a few longer Sunday runs with the OH has kept the miles up.

February also saw my quickest parkrun of the year (and since last Oct) 26:48.  Still a long way from my PB, but at least heading in the right direction.  On the theme of parkrun last week my son ran an amazing run to knock 70seconds off his PB, and gain his first sub 26 min run.   For someone who is only running once a fortnight this kind of improvement is fab; can’t wait to see what he can do when he is running more consistently.

Parkrun have also announced that they are starting a junior parkrun fairly locally to me.  Although my son is too old for this, I am very pleased to see it as there aren’t any other junior parkruns in the area.  Hopefully it will encourage more and more children and families to get involved.

Time is going to be even more stretched as I’ve just taken on a new role at work.  This means my runs will be even more precious – ensuring I have the time to wind down as well as get my exercise.


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