Mental Health

Nine years ago today I’d just got married.  Little did I know on that day that the marriage wouldn’t last very long and I’d be hurt in a way that I never thought would happen. (In hindsight there were definitely warning signs that I should have paid heed to).

Last night I watched the first episode of Mind Over Marathon on BBC.  From what I’d already read on social media I knew that the programme would be emotional but what I didn’t expect was to recognise myself in what was been spoken about.

I watched the programme with my other half, someone who knows me better than I know myself !  He was a friend for many years before becoming my significant other and had to watch as my marriage fell apart and the affect that had on me.  Once, many years ago, he did broach the subject of depression and wondered if it would be a good idea for me to visit my GP.  I brushed this off in my typical stubborn manner… ‘I can’t be depressed, I’m still functioning’ ‘I can still be happy sometimes’ ‘I can’t be ill, I’ve got to look after my child’ (as if anyone ever makes the choice to be ill…).  And I never did go to the GP.  I’m lucky in that I did have some support and I know now I was being watched / monitored / worried about, whatever you want to call it, in case things deteriorated with my mental health.

Rhian on the programme, who had suffered the loss of her child and husband within five days, was describing herself and the way she was ‘coping’.  My other half looked at me and said that I was very similar to this lady.  And yes I can see that my coping strategies are very similar.  Very good at pushing grief / pain / upset away as you daren’t / can’t / won’t face it.  Rhian, you are an incredibly brave woman. To share your story and your journey with others is a huge step to take.

I think of myself as lucky that I found running when I did.  Running definitely helps with my mental health.  I have run and cried many a time.  I’ve run to get rid of the physical feelings of frustration.  Running helps!


2 Races plus parkrun!

What an Easter weekend!

Bridlington Easter Dash 5 miler – Good Friday

I only decided the day before to enter this race.  It is pretty local to me, no hassle to get there, would know plenty of people.  And the biggest thing……  my teenage son said he would do it if I did!

The race starts at the lifeguard station near Limekiln Lane car park in Bridlington.  It consists of two laps – a small one and then a big one.  Apparently this is a change from previous years where it has been a different one lap route.  I didn’t mind this too much, although felt like I didn’t settle into the race until I’d started the second lap.  Terrain was tarmac / rough path / grass / bark chippings – a little bit of everything!  And don’t forget the steps either.  Due to the wind it also felt like you were running on two different days!  On the way out, towards Sewerby, it was very warm but as soon as you turned to come back along the cliff top it was a head wind and pretty cold.

I managed a finish time of 43:57 which I was over the moon with!  Helped by running with our club coach, it was a really good run.  (And my son, who hasn’t run more than 3 miles since last November…..  he came in at 44:50!)

Bling?  Yes, a pretty good medal for everyone and a crème egg seeing as it is Easter.

Would I do it again? Yes I probably would – it isn’t the most exciting route, but it is convenient and good fun.


I have to mention parkrun here although I didn’t run this week as I’d decided I was overdue to volunteer.   I’ve made a commitment to myself to volunteer a minimum of three times a year.  I don’t think this is much to ask really and as something I want to see continue I believe I should support it to do so.

So, Sewerby parkrun, Easter weekend.  Wow!  What a turnout.  347 people.  99 more than our previous attendance record.   Thanks in part to a large touring party from Sowerby Bridge Snails (great to see you all!) plus lots of other visitors this was a great turnout.

Helmsley 10k Multi terrain challenge – Easter Sunday

Another good turnout for Yorkshire Wolds Runners on a chilly Sunday morning in Helmsley.  A challenging course, with the first two miles being uphill on roads, onto tracks and fields as it levels out and then drops back down.  I found the hill hard and did walk for a short stretch.  I was slower than I’d hoped for the first two miles so decided that rather than targeting a finish time I would aim for negative splits.  That way I’d still feel like it was a successful run.  I was struggling mentally to find the motivation to push on – how do you deal with this?


 I managed it – just!

Official finish time:  58:50

Bling?  An Easter Egg and a Mug

Would I do it again?  Yes.  I enjoy off road and I have unfinished business with that hill!

Early morning fasted running? Do you or don’t you?

20170406_064252 (1).jpg
Yorkshire Sunrise

Early morning fasted running?  Do you or don’t you?

I ask this because our club coach posted that she had done and that it wasn’t a regular thing for her.  We discussed it and she is happy to go out and do 5-7k but is aware that pace won’t be as good as it could be.  This got me thinking!

By choice, I run first thing in the morning, before breakfast.  I generally have half a glass of water and head straight out of the door.  Ok, I’m not aiming for world records, but I do sometimes push for intervals / tempo runs etc.  I also rarely eat prior to parkrun or a morning race.

I love running at this time in the morning, particularly when the sky is clear – it’s quiet, you get to see wildlife and it sets you up for the day.  At the moment I’m out the door just after 6am, so there is no way I’m getting up at 4.30 / 5am just to eat something but on parkrun days it is relatively easy to change what I do as I’m normally awake by 7am anyway.

Do you think it makes much difference?  Or only over a certain distance?

On the same theme I’m currently following the 5:2 diet.  So on one or two days of the week restricting my intake to between 600 – 800 calories.  If I choose carefully, this still means that I’m having three meals.  So far I’ve been avoiding running the morning after a fast day, but would it make any difference?  I think I’m going to have to try and it and see how I get on.

March 2017 round up


  • Total miles:  63.43
  • Number of runs: 15
  • Races: 1


As the above figures show, this has been a month low in miles.  I’m really trying to not let that bother me, and hope that I will at some point in the year make up the lost miles to still hit my target of 75 miles a month because I know that I needed to pull back a bit and give my body a break.

Do you plan lower mileage months into your plan?  I’m wondering if I should.

This picture shows the company that I had for my post run stretches 🙂 what a wonderful sight to have.