Early morning fasted running? Do you or don’t you?

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Yorkshire Sunrise

Early morning fasted running?  Do you or don’t you?

I ask this because our club coach posted that she had done and that it wasn’t a regular thing for her.  We discussed it and she is happy to go out and do 5-7k but is aware that pace won’t be as good as it could be.  This got me thinking!

By choice, I run first thing in the morning, before breakfast.  I generally have half a glass of water and head straight out of the door.  Ok, I’m not aiming for world records, but I do sometimes push for intervals / tempo runs etc.  I also rarely eat prior to parkrun or a morning race.

I love running at this time in the morning, particularly when the sky is clear – it’s quiet, you get to see wildlife and it sets you up for the day.  At the moment I’m out the door just after 6am, so there is no way I’m getting up at 4.30 / 5am just to eat something but on parkrun days it is relatively easy to change what I do as I’m normally awake by 7am anyway.

Do you think it makes much difference?  Or only over a certain distance?

On the same theme I’m currently following the 5:2 diet.  So on one or two days of the week restricting my intake to between 600 – 800 calories.  If I choose carefully, this still means that I’m having three meals.  So far I’ve been avoiding running the morning after a fast day, but would it make any difference?  I think I’m going to have to try and it and see how I get on.


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